The Truth About How we See the Northern Lights

NEW BLOG POST: Viewing the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska. Until I went to Fairbanks Alaska I thought the northern lights were all just hype. No – I haven’t joined a Flat Earth Society or decided Global Warming is a hoax, I just didn’t know if I fully believed in the northern lights. I had good reason to doubt them. Come and Explore Fairbanks Alaska to see for yourself!

Travel to see Spring Flowers in Spain

Hooray! It's the #FirstDayofSpring! Is it spring-like where you are?

A Story in Every Bottle

Tomorrow is #WorldStorytellingDay. Here's a good one from my travels in New Brunswick!

Colorado Trail Planning Guide for Backpacking - Just A Blog Away

You've heard of the Pacific Coast Trail and the Appalachian Trail - but what about the Colorado Trail?! My friend Michelle Parsons of Just A Blog Away is backpacking the 500 mile thru-hike in segments. I had no idea this trail system existed until I met Michelle - check out the details and how-to's here in her guide!

Volunteering in Lima Peru

#TravelTip 73 of 99: Local kids often know a little English - or use Google Translate

Essential Winter Packing Gear

Winter may be about over - and that means you can get some great deals on winter gear! On a recent winter trip to Fairbanks, Alaska I was able to test out and try some new winter travel gear. Here were my winners and what I'd recommend should be on your winter packing list!
Video by Michaela Potter

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Day Trips From Salta – 3 Tours Around Northern Argentina - CleverDever Wherever

My Argentina travel partner, CleverDever Wherever, wrote up our awesome Salta Province experiences! Check out what we did and where we stayed in this little known part of Argentina. It's a hidden gem!

The Essential Winter Packing List for Alaska

NEW BLOG POST: Packing List for Extreme Alaska Winter Temperatures. In the 10 days I traveled around Fairbanks there were only a few times where I was truly cold…the kind of cold where it was hard to ignore. And yes, I did spend the majority of my time doing outdoor activities – most of the time it was simply about making sure you had the right gear on so that you weren’t too cold, or too hot.

Lady Killas Denver

If you are in or around Denver tonight - I hope you'll come out and say hi! Looking forward to talking travel tonight!!

We didn't actually get to see many sunsets during our 10 days in Alaska because much of the time is was snowing! But when the sun did make an appearance, the light was magical! #ExploreFairbanks

Alaska Winter Culture

During out 10 days in Alaska we sure experienced a lot of winter! And among all of that winter we also had a lot of fun learning about Alaskan winter culture. Here are a few of the fun things we encountered.

Let's travel today! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Alaska in the Winter Means Getting Outside

It's a whole different perspective from above in Alaska. The vastness of the area is a bit overwhelming - especially when it's covered in a blanket of snow! Michaela Potter and I went out to do a little snow shoeing on our last day in Alaska - and the weather cooperated giving us blue skies! Thanks to Frank at Aurora Bear LLC for capturing this adventure! #ExploreFairbanks

The Surprising World of Cowboy Poetry

NEW BLOG POST: Travel to the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. I’ve always had a thing for the cowboy culture. It’s this mystical world of danger, hard work, vastness, and simplicity. I think everyone at some point in life wanted to be a cowboy. I have seen the rough and tumble side of being a cowboy, now it was time to see the sensitive, creative side.

Photos de la publication de Ottsworld Travel and Life Experiences

How did I stay connected and able to upload all of these pictures, videos, and Instagram Stories while out in the more remote areas of Alaska? I used my Telecom Square mifi device! Unlimited data usage when I travel! You'll always find it on my packing list!

#TravelTip 72 of 99: Do laundry whenever and where ever you get the opportunity

My dog team! My favorite thing I did in Alaska was learn how to mush my own dog team. It's exhilarating and once you do it - you'll never want to go back to just riding in the sled as a tourist! My three dog team was Taley (out front), Freya, and Dusty. They were great dogs who loved to run and I didn't fall of the sled or lose the dogs once...mushing success thanks to my 'teachers at Last Frontier Mushing Co-op! Next trip...I'm going to try an dog mushing expedition! Photo by Michaela Potter #ExploreFairbanks

How Does a Digital Nomad Survive a Digital Detox?

We should all completely unplug once in a while. #NationalDayOfUnplugging

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

The aurora isn't the only thing to photograph at night in Alaska! We had a full moon which provided great lighting for the winter wonderland! #ExploreFairbanks

Should tourists go to Antarctica?

Antarctica - to go or not to go.
An interview I did for a podcast and article. Take a listen to the podcast - it's only 8 minutes and you'll hear from the experts. I've been to Antarctica twice - but is it a good idea to go to this pristine environment - are we doing more harm than good? via WHYY

Join the movement that's changing lives for women

More than 70% of women-owned small businesses in developing countries are either shut out of financial institutions or can’t get the capital they need. In the United States, women have access to half as much capital as men when starting businesses. You can create real change by investing in women, and putting words into action for gender equality. Right now, if you make a $25 loan at this link you'll also earn a $25 credit to make a second loan for free!: #pressforprogress #investinwomen

Photos de la publication de Ottsworld Travel and Life Experiences

Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't. We didn't get a view of Denali peak on this trip to Denali National Park and Preserve, however we did dig out Michaela Potter's old picture from 15 years ago and reminisce! Even if we didn't get to see Denali - we did get to play in the snow covered park. That's right - it's open all year and the visitor center provides snowshoes and poles for free to go out and explore! Explore Fairbanks Alaska

Photos du journal

Snowshoeing into a winter wonderland. I love the black spruce trees and boreal forests in Alaska's interior. They bend and curve under mounds of snow and you feel like you have just walked into a fairy tale! #ExploreFairbanks

Dog Sledding Celebrity Sighting!

Meet Keeper, a dog sledding celebrity! Find out why...
And follow the progress of his owner in the Iditarod this week - Matt Hall of Smokin' Ace Sled Dog Kennels!

Let's travel today! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

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Road Houses played an important role in the most remote regions of Alaska. They provided basic shelter and food for the weary traveler in summer and winter at their height in the 1920's and 30's. Lodge At Black Rapids is sort of like a modern day roadhouse - providing lodging, food, drink, and fun for travelers looking to play in wilderness and enjoy the Alaska Range. And they are also saving an old historic roadhouse that sits on their property below the lodge! Owner, Annie Hopper, showed us around the restoration project! I can't wait to see her roadhouse restoration dream come true!

How to Train for the Camino de Santiago Walk

NEW BLOG POST: Guest author Emily Ward shares the training plan she used for her upcoming Camino de Santiago 500-mile pilgrimage.

Hello Coloradans! I hope you'll join me for this talk on March 15th in Denver! This is a Female Networking Group I belong to (men are welcome too), and I'll be talking about Career Break travel at the event next week! I'm hoping you'll join me! It's a free event - just RSVP here
Learn more about Lady Killas Denver here -

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It doesn't matter what season it is, Alaskans love their cabins and off the grid living! We stayed at each of these places while exploring Alaska's interior! Which one would you like to stay in? Explore Fairbanks Alaska

#TravelTip 71 of 99: Charge to your credit card in the local currency to avoid hidden fees

Would you like a postcard from Alaska?! I still have a few more I can send. Just go over to my instagram post here -> and comment on why you want one and I'll contact you to find out where to mail it!

The lesson of the night...Never give up! After waiting for 3 hours, Just as we were packing up in the -20 degree night, look what finally showed up! We had the full moon to light up the foreground at A Taste of Alaska Lodge! We quickly stopped packing up and started shooting. The show was quick with a couple of flare ups, but we braved the see the dance one last time in Explore Fairbanks Alaska!

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One of my favorite winter adventures is snowshoeing and we got a big dose of it when we went to the Lodge At Black Rapids. A local guide took us out to a glacier ice cave that was incredible! It felt as if we had just enter Superman's fortress of solitude with walls and ceilings made of ice crystals. Explore Fairbanks Alaska

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Photos de la publication de Ottsworld Travel and Life Experiences

I adore any reason to get on a train - especially the Alaska Railroad! They offer a Denali in a Day tour from Fairbanks where you drive down to Denali National Park, do some snow shoeing, and then catch the Aurora Winter Train from the park back to Fairbanks. It was a stormy day - so no great mountain views - but still had a ton of fun on this unique winter adventure. You'll have Denali National Park all to yourself, get to play on the trails, and then enjoy the winter scenery all the way back to Fairbanks with craft beer and a great dinner on the train! Just another great way to Explore Fairbanks Alaska!

I'm happy to announce that the aurora is not a sham! I used to think it was a bit over-hyped because when I've seen it in the past it really just appeared as a white glowing blob in the sky...nothing like the colors that you see from pictures. However, this week I finally saw a strong, active aurora that was green and moving to the naked eye. It was phenomenal! The whole sky was like jello...moving and swaying! Thanks to Last Frontier Mushing Co-op for providing such a setting place to watch the lights from in Alaska! Explore Fairbanks Alaska

How to Experience Holi Indian Festival

Today marks the beginning of #Holi in India. People spread color on their faces and body, which often ends up morphing into chasing each other, laughter and rowdiness. Then people tend to take to the streets drinking, singing, dancing and dousing people with color as they go by. No one is safe, it doesn’t matter if you are friend or stranger, what age or nationality you are – you are a target of color.

How to stay warm in Alaska Winter

How do you stay warm in Alaska when mushing dogs all day? You put on layer, after layer, and eventually you end up as the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man! Thanks to Last Frontier Mushing Co-op for providing all the gear I needed to stay warm. Best mittens ever! #ExploreFairbanks

Let's travel today! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Photos du journal

It's easy to stay warm in #Alaska winter when you are active! And when it's snowing outside, it's time to get out the snowshoes and #optoutside ! @lodgeatblackrapids offers a number of different outdoor winter activities - but @michaelapotter and I gravitated towards the snowshoes! Check out the views around the wilderness lodge - absolutely incredible! #hosted #exploreFairbanks

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Who would like an ice cold martini? Or better yet - a martini in a glass made of ice?! Sipping appletinis at the Aurora Bar in Alaska! #ExploreFairbanks

How to Plan the Perfect Portland Oregon Weekend

NEW BLOG POST: Plan a Weekend in Portland, Oregon. Resident Explorer Sue describes Portland as "a collection of diverse neighborhoods, each with their own ‘small town’ feel", and lays out a perfect weekend itinerary for her home town.

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I'm normally not a huge fan of hot springs...unless it's winter. So when we arrived at Chena Hot Springs and it was snowy and cold out - it was the perfect night to soak in the natural hot springs! Stripping down to swimming suits in a snow storm is a bit counterintuitive, but oh so worth it! Explore Fairbanks Alaska

#TravelTip 70 of 99: The money exchange has small bills for taxis, bottles of water, tips

8 to 10 inches of new about a hike?! Michaela Potter blazes a trail...
Explore Fairbanks Alaska

Mushing School - Two Rivers Alaska

Oh...hello there...I've been off grid for a couple of days playing with these furry guys! I went to mushing school with @the_mushing_co_op learning how to travel through this Alaskan winter wonderland. Much more to come...and even more aurora to share shortly! #explorefairbanks #hosted

Hotel Ace


Discover the magic of the French ski resort Val d'Isere with Mark Warner