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Entering the Devil's Desert in Northern Argentina

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Our road trip to Tolar Grande in Northern Argentina last weekend was so diverse. We drove a lot, but it wasn't necessarily a long distance - it was just tough roads to navigate and very high altitudes. Take a look at some of the diverse roads we drove - through Devil's Desert, salt flats, mining towns, and mountain passes! De Altura viajes y turismo #VisitSalta #ATWS2017

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I'm back online after 3 days of traveling into some of the most spectacular landscapes I've ever seen in a relatively unknown part of northern Argentina! This is my favorite kind of travel - far off the beaten path! I can't wait to share the stories and photos with you...but first...I must sleep! Photo by @sebastian.delval #atws2017 #visitsalta #thisisadventure #tolargrande #landscapelovers #landscapephotography

#TravelTip 51 of 99: Always have emergency snacks for those "hangry" times – I use CLIF Bar

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Photos de la publication de Ottsworld Travel and Life Experiences

Made it to Salta Argentina and this morning I am back on the road again! For the next 2 days I'm in Tolar Grande photographing the incredible landscapes of the region as well as learning about the small village culture. Today we are driving through Quebrada del Toro (Bulls Gorge) for 400km and up to 16,000ft! It's a big water drinking day! The landscape so far has been incredible; colorful mountains, 200 year old cactus, gorges, and dry riverbeds! I'll likely have no connections for a few days so will share photos when back in Salta! #thisisadventure De Altura viajes y turismo

Cemetery Travel

Do you know that I love to wander through cemeteries? As Halloween approaches I'm sharing some of my favorites:

Where in the world is Ottsworld going?

I'm headed out today on another 3 week adventure - but this time with a passport! South America here I come! Find out where I'm going and why! And be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram (especially the instagram stories if you want the behind the scenes look at blogging!)

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Savoring the last rays of light at Trona Pinnacles.

A Story in Every Bottle

NEW BLOG POST: Distillerie Fils du Roy in New Brunswick, Canada. Every business these days says they are ‘local’, but few really go beyond using local ingredients in their production. However, Sébastien Roy of Distillerie Fils du Roy Inc weaves local into every part of his production; from ingredients, to folklore, to history, to Acadian pride. He, and his spirits and beers, really are an Acadian treasure! New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick

Inside an abandoned Hawaii hotel that's sitting on a $260 million piece of real estate

Interviewed and photography used for this interesting piece in Business Insider. I visited this abandoned hotel in Molokai a few years ago and it sounds like it's still in the same disarray. So sad.

Click here to support Help Jodi Find Her Feet organized by Megan Stetzel

There are a handful of bloggers who are still operating today who started the same time I did, but my friend Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomadsis one of them. She's rode all of the ups and downs of the last decade as we all carved out our own niches and plan for staying afloat and doing what we loved - travel - and inspiring people to travel. If you haven't read any of Jodi's article on her website - you should. She's a prolific long form writer and food lover...and fellow Vietnam lover! However in all of this up and down, she's recently been weathering a few big, big downs. Take a look at the Go Fund Me story below and send a donation, take a look at her products on her website, or just some kind words her way. I love this blogging industry and group of people who are my dearest friends, and I love how we all help each other, because blogging is full of ups and downs...and many solo entreprenuer moments. So it's nice to know that we all have a 'family' out there.

#TravelTip 50 of 99: Use public transportation - the journey is the experience

Take a drive on the most adventurous road in Norway!

Take a ride on the 11 hairpin turns of Trollstigen Road in Norway with me and Michaela Potter!

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

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Lift off! I love balloon rides...but my favorite part is lift off when you brain and body is getting used to the floating feeling and the ground disappears leaving everything beneath you as little dots...

New Zealand's North Island: 5 unique experiences | Intrepid Travel Blog

5 'Bucket Worthy' experiences on New Zealand's North Island

Most Unusual Destinations to View Fall Colors

See fall differently. By air, by car, by foot; head to some unusual places without the crowds.

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Salute! It's that time of year where these plump grapes are soon going to be plucked and crushed in their journey to my wine glass!
#CaliforniaWild #harvest #thisisadventure #winery #winelover #GoldCountry #californialove #sunburst #grapes

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A Handshake in the Canadian Badlands

NEW BLOG POST: Slowing down in the Canadian Badlands. My trip to the Canadian Badlands brought back many memories for me of growing up and spending a significant amount of time in rural environments. It’s one of those moments where you realize that borders are just meaningless lines; it’s the culture that unites us and makes us similar.

Top 100 Solo Female Travel Blog List | Solo Woman Travel Blog

Sure - I normally show up on these blog lists...but I normally don't show up this high in ranking. Someone better check their math...
Regardless - a good list here of solo travelers to remind you that going alone can be the best way to travel!

Abandoned Scary Places Around the World

BOO! Here's some scary places to get you ready for Halloween!

That moment when fishing becomes an addiction.

You can actually see the moment in this video where I became a fisherwoman; where the chase became my single focus and suddenly I understood how the fishing addiction begins. New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick

#TravelTip 49 of 99: Use a MIFI device to stay connected everywhere - I like Telecom Square

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I'm only in Colorado for a short time again before I head off for spring in South America. I didn't want to miss all of fall in Colorado - so today I took a little 'leaf peeping' drive to see some of the golden aspens right outside of Denver at Guanella Pass ! It was fabulous to see, but now it left me just wanting more!

Heart of the Arctic » Adventure in Motion

Want to be inspired with adventure ideas? Then check out the Adventure in Motion Film Contest finalists. I'm SO EXCITED that one of my favorite destinations (and people) are a finalist - Tundra North Tours! I had the privilege to travel far above the Arctic Circle last April and experience the far north with Kylik and team ( . We herded reindeer, drove the ice roads, built igloos...everything you'll see in their video. (And you'll even see a cameo of me!) Take a moment - watch their video and give it a Like/Vote. They are a great small company that deserves to be among the larger ones here...and most importantly - they offer phenomenal adventure/cultural trips that provide insight into a world people know very little about!
Make sure you check out the rest of the films too at
#ThisIsAdventure #AuthenticArcticExperiences

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

GLOBAL Mobile WiFi Hotspot Rental|Wi-Ho! by Telecom Square

For the last 3 weeks as I traveled through California I once again was 'saved' numerous times by my Telecom Square mifi device. It has been an essential piece of my travel gear for the last 4 years. When hotel wifi is sucky or my cell phone coverage lags, my mifi is my lifeline for connectivity. And it helps me share pics like these on a trip! Rental rates start as low as $6.99/day which includes an unlimited data access and connectivity up to 10 devices!

Miramichi River New Brunswick Canada Salmon Fishing

NEW BLOG POST: Fly Fishing the Mighty Miramichi River. The Miramichi looks like a normal river, however it has some special inhabitants running through its waters, Atlantic salmon. More than 100,000 Atlantic salmon make their way up the river every summer and fall and back out in the spring; it’s a superhighway of salmon! New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick

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I'm back home in Denver - but wanted to just give a big shout out to my #CaliforniaWild team who I just spent 3 weeks and 3,600 miles with in a car. When you spend that much time together - you end up as 'family'. We didn't really know each other before the trip...but we certainly know each other now! I was surprised and proud how well we all worked together and I have the utmost respect for all of these women (and Adam!) for their work ethic, the amazing content they produced, as well as the all of the fun, giggles, inside jokes, and tears that we all shared. Plus - a big shout out to the Adventure.Travel team who supported us from the office! I'll miss you well as the beautiful landscapes and adventures of #CaliforniaWild! With Stuffed Suitcase Family Travel Border Free Travels, Kirsten Alana, Adam Ballard Kelly English

Let's travel today! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Heading back home...
It still feels so weird and great to say that phrase!

Photos de la publication de Ottsworld Travel and Life Experiences

We had a spectacular ending to our 19 day #CaliforniaWild Adventure! We all got on the water and watched the sun go down over Dow Wetlands Preserve in the #CentralValley region. It was so quiet as the sun went down and we floated among the wetlands and birds flew overhead...a serene setting for the ending!


Want to plan a trip to California? If it wasn't on your radar it will be after watching this Facebook live about our 19 day road trip through rural California. Join me Kirsten Alana Photography, Border Free Travels, Stuffed Suitcase Family Travel as we recap our scream-worthy adventures! #thisisadventure #CaliforniaWild

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I've been ziplining before in various countries, however California's #InlandEmpire trumps them all! I don't think I've ever laughed so much while hanging out hundreds of feet above the ground in trees! Partially because it was a phenomenal course full of speed (up to 60 mph!), distance, repels, and wobbly bridges - and also because of the great people I was with that know how to enjoy life and adventure challenges! Thanks Ziplines at Pacific Crest for a memorable morning zipping through your beautiful landscape! #CaliforniaWild #ThisisAdventure IEShineOn

Photos de la publication de Ottsworld Travel and Life Experiences

Don't forget...the #CaliforniaWild team is going live tomorrow to talk about and answer questions about their 19 day adventurous trip through California's lesser known regions! Tune in at 11:30PT here -> Adventure.Travel

#TravelTip 48 of 99: Save and listen to podcasts for when there’s no connectivity

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Our introduction to the Inland Empire of California was a memorable one - our first glimpses of it occurred at 3,000 feet as the sun came up! Every balloon ride I take feels like magic as you lift off the ground and float so quietly. It was a great way to see the diversity of the landscape and region as we floated above rows of grapevines in Temecula Valley and enjoyed the mountain views in the distance. I can already tell this agricultural region was going to be delicious in every way! #CaliforniaWild IEShineOn #ThisIsAdventure

Do you want to find out what it's really like to do a 19 day road trip throughout California? Of course you do! Get the stories from the #CaliforniaWild story tellers themselves as we recap our adventure filled California road trip on Facebook Live! Come with questions!
Monday Sep 25th 11:30 PT on Adventure.Travel!

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How I moved around California's Central Coast today...human powered and horse powered! #ThisisAdventure #CaliforniaWild


Now this is how you start a weekend off in California! #CaliforniaWild

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

We haven't had many mornings yet where we've had a chance to sit and enjoy breakfast - until this morning! We stopped at a local breakfast icon on California's Central Coast in Buellton - Ellen's Danish Pancake House. It was pancakes just like my grandmother used to make...a great little memory of home and a wonderful morning with the #CaliforniaWild team!

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My transformation into a dune buggy driver on Pismo Beach today! A new adventure for me that was full of screams, laughs, and 'Oh Sh#t' moments! The Oceano Dunes SVRA is a sand playground with incredible sand dunes that go on for miles! We had such an amazing time exploring this little known California Adventure gem! #CaliforniaWild with SunBuggy - Pismo Beach


I'm stuffed after a fun evening and a Facebook Live event at the SLO County Farmers' Market Association! #CaliforniaWild

Hotel Ace


Discover the magic of the French ski resort Val d'Isere with Mark Warner