Eyes On The World: Travel Photography Tips - Outdoor Photographer

One of the best travel photography articles I've found for the amateur photographer. It gave me a little shot of inspiration that I needed this morning! A good reminder for my upcoming trip to Elko Nevada for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering!

#TravelTip 65 of 99: Jetlag sucks - change your watch soon, try melatonin, but no napping http://bit.ly/1HrGHDg

Travel Style: Solo Traveler Sherry Ott - JohnnyJet.com

A recent fun interview I did for Johnny Jet! Learn my favorite international city, restaurant, national park, travel advice, UNESCO site, travel credit card, duty free gift, airport, bar, and more! Some fun little tidbits of info in this interview!

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Get Local with a Rome Food Tour

It's #CheeseLoversDay! For me, Italy and cheese go together, and if in Rome you must check out the local cheeses. What's your favorite cheese?

Don't Be Afraid to Walk the Camino de Santiago Solo

NEW BLOG POST: Why Walk the Camino de Santiago Solo? You Are Never Really Alone. You may start alone, but, you typically aren’t alone for long. There were 278,224 pilgrims who reached Santiago in 2016 and received their Compostela pilgrim certificate. With that many people, even if you are walking on the trail alone, you can look ahead, and look behind and normally see 4+ people also hiking within your eyesight. You pretty quickly form a little ‘Camino family’.

Let's travel today! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Bridgestone Winter Driving School

Slip sliding away at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School! One of the instructors showing off some badass skills! Watch my Instagram story today to see how I did...

Cape Breton Day Hikes and Adventures

5 Cape Breton hikes and adventures you should add to your Nova Scotia itinerary!

Photos du journal

A little sunset glow on Steamboat Ski Hill. I'm so happy being back in the mountains! However I'm not here in Steamboat Springs to ski! I'm here to do something much cooler! @whyskidsteamboat
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Bridgestone Winter Driving School - "Modern Winter Driving Techniques" DVD

I woke up this morning to a sheet of ice in Denver! Fitting since today I'm taking the shuttle to Steamboat Springs to take Bridgestone's Winer Driving Class! Check out this video of what I'll be doing tomorrow. I'm so excited as I've always been unsure of myself when it comes to winter driving and this full day class covers everything...on their very own track! Follow along on my Instagram stories and see how it goes...and how many times I crash into a snow bank before I get it right! I'll be covering it shortly on my blog too!

Kentucky Derby Hats and Culture

What better way to commemorate #NationalHatDay than to enjoy some hats from the #KentuckyDerby!

#TravelTip 64 of 99: Take pictures of menus or historical plaques instead of taking notes http://bit.ly/1HrGHDg

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Best of Instagram - #realwomentravel

What do you think - does Instagram lack 'real' images? This is a great article raising a lot of issues that are near and dear to my heart - but most importantly - here's a way you can add some diversity to your Instagram feed!! #RealWomenTravel

How to do Cabot Cliffs golf course when you don't golf

I am not a golfer - yet somehow one afternoon I found myself on one of the best courses in the world - Cabot Cliffs on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island. This post is written for all the people out there that don't like golf, but they travel with people who like to golf! Cabot Links may be the perfect solution...

Let's travel today! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

How to do Nova Scotia's Cabot Trail in a Day

The Cabot Trail on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton is named one of the most beautiful drives in the world for good reason, but it's hard to do the entire 185 miles in a day when there is so much to see and do! Until now! Here's your perfect one day Cabot Trail Itinerary - you won't miss a thing! #VisitNovaScotia

From corporate life to travel blogger - the adventures of Sherry Ott

A fun interview I did for Stuff.co.nz recently! Talking about where my creativity and photography skills came from...you may be surprised by the answer...

Photos du journal

It sure doesn't feel or look like winter in #Denver. It was mid-50's today...what?! This is my first winter here in Colorado and I'm surprised... pleasantly surprised. Don't worry I'll get my share of cold and snow when I head to Alaska next month!

#TravelTip 63 of 99: Send postcards! People still love to get things in the mail http://bit.ly/1HrGHDg

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

How to Learn to Love Bird Watching in the Russian Arctic

You don’t have to be a "birder" to appreciate birds. It's #NationalBirdDay so here's some birds for your enjoyment.

Photos de la publication de Ottsworld Travel and Life Experiences

For the next 16 days Denver has turned into cowboy land. Since I'm new here, I'm learning all about the annual January National Western Stock Show event. Established in 1906, it is the premier livestock, rodeo, and horse show in the nation. It kicked off today in downtown Denver with a parade of longhorn cattle walking through downtown - a sight I wasn't expecting! There were horses, cowboys, cowgirls, tractors, stagecoaches, and lots of chaps! #VisitDenver

Best Places for North Americans to Travel in Winter

NEW BLOG POST: Winter Travel Escape Locations. I've put together a few of my favorite warm weather destinations for those of you who have the frosty winter blues. Since it’s me, and you know I like to always be a little different – this isn’t your normal list of Caribbean islands or Aruba-like destinations. Instead they are a mix of active, warm, unusual, cultural destinations where you can get a tan and a much needed break from winter. Some are more of a trip than others, but unlike most roundup lists, all have been tested out by the author – me!

The Thrill of Canada’s only Polar Bear Walking Photo Safari

Now this is my kind of adventure! My friend Susan from The Insatiable Traveler recently went out and walked with polar bears in Churchill! Don't miss all of the beautiful pictures!

Let's travel today! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Go Behind the Scenes of a Travel Blogger/Influencer Trip

NEW BLOG POST: Making a Living Travel Blogging. One of my most predictable questions I always get no matter whom I meet or where I got is “How exactly do you make money blogging?” One of the main ways I earn revenue is when I’m hired to do an influencer marketing campaign for a company or destination. So I thought I’d take you behind the scenes of what it’s like to be an influencer.

How Travel Turned Me Into a Game of Thrones Fan Geek

Today is #ScienceFictionDay, and I blame my new found Game of Throne geekdom on travel. I’m not much of a sci-fi fantasy person and in all honestly I think those people who are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, or insert weird geek cult here, are a bit odd. But, when my friends in Girona told me that they were going to be a 2016 filming location I was thrilled that one of my favorite places in the world was now going to be a part of one of my favorite shows. The medieval streets would be perfect for the fictional world of Westeros. And when I found myself in Girona on a photography project for the season premier I was even more giddy – in fact one might say that I had now fully crossed over into fanatic. Check it out:

In 2018 I'm considering running an Ottsworld hiking tour to Ireland! If you are interested in potentially joining such a tour with me - then please show your interest and sign up for more information!

Forget resolutions...just tell me where you want to go in 2018!! I want to go to Alaska, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and India in 2018! Yes, I like to dream big!

Photos de la publication de Ottsworld Travel and Life Experiences

As the 2017 draws to a close, I just want to say thank you to all of you who follow my adventures year after year. I couldn't do this stuff if people weren't interested. I'm incredibly grateful for another year of travel and life adventures. Happy New Year!

#TravelTip 62 of 99: Rent a car and drive yourself - it's an adventure! http://bit.ly/1HrGHDg

Let's spin the globe! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

I may have a tiny studio apartment, but my sunset views are grand. Tonight's sunset out my window was stellar. Nights like this I stop working and just watch the sunset show and colors develop.


This week all of the writing I did for my California trip this fall finally went live on the ATTA's Adventure.Travel website I was writing for. It feels really good to finally see the final product of all that hard work - plus check out the great photography by Kirsten Alana! I found this writing really challenging as it's not my typical style of writing, it is more guide book type writing and less personal. However, I'm really happy with how it turned out! AND if you are even remotely thinking about a trip to California in your future - check out this website and all of the itineraries I put together for each region!
To read about each region just click on the 'Explore California' section!

Photos du journal

My #2017bestnine on Instagram! Such great memories from this roundup! Love that there is Antarctica and the Arctic that made it into the top 9! Plus Denver even made a showing in the top 9!! Thanks to everyone for following along and liking photos!

Delayed 3 hours...but finally boarding!

Why I Want to Go Back to Ireland And Bring You With Me!

It’s about time I get back to Ireland, and I think 2018 is the year to do it. Plus, I'm considering bringing you with me on an Ottsworld Tour! I think Ireland's west coast is one of the best places to hike and travel in the world. I’m in love with its moody weather, rocky landscapes, storytelling culture, and of course the Guinness isn’t too bad either.

Photos du journal

For December I'm enjoying reliving a few of my favorite travel moments and pics from 2017. For 3 glorious days I got to float around on a houseboat in New Brunswick Canada with some of my favorite people in the world. It was such a fun vacation...and a vacation is just exactly what we all needed!.⠀
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Let's travel today! Any guesses on where this photo was taken?

Photos du journal

Dusk in the Great Plains. An interesting striped pink and blue sky looking directly east as the sun sets on this chilly day. It never got above 0 F here in South Dakota!
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Why the best travels happen when you face your fears

You know what fear eats for breakfast? It eats procrastination and avoidance. It loves it, it frequently gets second helpings. You know what makes fear go on a diet? Action. And travel is all about action.

I spent my Christmas in chilly South Dakota with my parents.
I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Christmas Day!

A Catalan Log That Poops Nougats At Christmas

Everyone has Christmas traditions, but this Catalan one is probably the strangest one I've heard of...and of course this makes me want to go experience it myself! Jaume Marin Gemma Suñer Oller Amber Siobhaun Hoffman - I hope your Caga Tió pooped many great presents this year! Merry Christmas everyone!

Hotel Ace


Discover the magic of the French ski resort Val d'Isere with Mark Warner